Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Note to Self

Note to Self: When retrieving a pan from a 400F oven, use the hand with the glove on it. This will save you much pain and anguish, although it'll prevent you from exercising both your ninja reflexes and your impressive vocabulary of obscenities.

Apparently all that ninja training did the trick, though, in terms of both reflexes and physical durability, as there are no blisters and only a bit of shiny, tight skin to show where, precisely, I latched on to that hot pan.

Still, Asbestos Hands are not a party trick this particular ninja is interested in showing off again anytime soon.


Isabella Maja said...

Speaking of the oven, I read a post on another blogger's site about your mum's chickpea cake.

Might you provide us with the recipe?

I had a friend who made this for me for all of our birthdays. She moved away after Hurrican Katrina & we really miss her & the cake!

Thanks for considering it!


The Kitchen Ninja said...

I'll see if I can dig it up - and, if not, I'll make something up that tastes like I remember!

Did your friend make a chocolate chickpea cake or a fruit one? I've had both, and if I tinker with the recipe I'm leaning towards doing something that involves lemon and spices.